R.I.D. Tampa Bay

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President Of RID, Barb Aho's Story


Barb Aho, RID President

I became involved with RID with the loss of my 20 year old son Bob

I became involved with RID the loss of my 20 year old son Bob and
his friend Tony, were killed by a drunk driver. A DUI crash is something
that can be prevented if only the driver would plan before going out to
drink; get a designated driver, put money aside for a taxi.

Forget saying "It won't happen to me" it does--everyday. My wish is no
loved one or a parent has to answer that knock at the door when an officer
reports that your loved one or your daughter or son is in the hospital or will not be coming home ever again because a drunk driver made a bad decision to drink and drive.



Driving under the influence ranged from a low of 9.5 percent in Utah, to highs of 26.4 percent in Wisconsin, 24.9 percent in North Dakota and 23.5 percent in Minnesota.