R.I.D. Tampa Bay

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R.I.D. Tampa Bay - Remove Intoxicated Drivers


A Huge Thank You to ALL Food Contributors For Sobriety Checkpoints:

December 9, 2011

Bryan Burke

The Brown Boxer Pub & Grill

15000 Madeira Way

Madeira Beach

Kathleen McDole

Friendly Fisherman Seafood Restaurant

150 John's Pass Boardwalk

Madeira Beach


Mark Tabolt

Bubba Gumb Shrimp Co.

185 Boardwalk Place West

Madeira Beach

Adam Canon

Delosa's Pizza

12800 Village Blvd.

Madeira Beach

Steve Field


192 John's Pass Boardwalk West

Madeira Beach

Giancarlo Amenta

Original Pizza

15103 Madeira Beach Blvd.

Madeira Beach

Kevin Lane

Winn Dixie

15200 Municipal Drive

Madeira Beach

Cindy Carroll

Bamboo Beach Bar & Grill

13025 Village Blvd.

Madeira Beach


Dunkin Donuts

7030 Ulmerton Road


Paul Cook


662 150th Ave.

Madeira Beach

Dana Clark

Screwie Louie's Bar & Grill

14705 Gulf Blvd.

Madeira Beach

Amy Fraker


15031 Gulf Blvd.

Madeira Beach




Welcome To R.I.D.

R.I.D. Tampa Bay is a non-profit organization dedicated to removing intoxicated drivers from our streets and highways.

Established in 1978 in Schenectady, New York, RID is the oldest national anti-DUI citizen activist organization in the U.S. Our mission is to save the lives and prevent injuries by deterring alcohol abuse, in general, and impaired driving and youthful binge drinking in particular.


What's so special about RID?

RID is a grass roots, volunteer organization. Because our six-room head-quarters are donated and most of our administrative labor is volunteer, we spend less than fifteen percent of our income on administration and fund raising. Eighty-five percent goes into program.

RID volunteers work to deter impaired driving, to help its victims seek justice, restitution, and peace of mind when facing the maze of the criminal justice system, to close loopholes in the laws, and to educate the public about the scope and depth of impaired driving tragedies and what to do about it.


Teen Parent Driving Contract

To help your new driver succeed, it's important to discuss your expectations. You may want to consider this contract to write down rules and consequences that are achievable and fair to the new driver. Be sure to check with local authorities for current laws regarding new drivers. Once youve both come to an agreement, sign and date the contract. Review the contract laws regarding new drivers.. Review the contract in three months to include more privileges or restrictions based on the drivers performance.


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Driving under the influence ranged from a low of 9.5 percent in Utah, to highs of 26.4 percent in Wisconsin, 24.9 percent in North Dakota and 23.5 percent in Minnesota.